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Thanks to the interaction with our clients’ needs we have put together a team made of highly-qualified people who constantly research for new answers and solutions improving their own know-how, and thus their clients.

A meticulous attentiveness to safety aspects of the nal packaging together with a constant effort to improve the quality of our products and a mind-set determined to offer a “solution” and not just a simple packaging, have made Scart a real partner and not only a simple supplier.

Our growth-oriented attitude has given us the chance to interact and share our know-how with some of the most important foreign markets, such as Turkey, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, India, Canada, Russia and Brazil.


The main stages of the group Scart:


Opening of the production and advanced logistics plant BP Imballaggi located in Isernia (IS).


Opening of the production and advanced logistics plant BP Imballaggi located in Modugno (BA).


Year of acquisition of Vodipack Italia located in Caronno Pertusella (MI), plant specialized in corrugated cardboard, fir, plywood and polyethylene industrial packaging.


Year of foundation of F.D.S., carpentry specialized in the production of fir packaging.


Definition of the technical/commercial partnership with the european largest paper factory, specialized in the production of Heavy Duty corrugated cardboard paper.


Year of acquisition of B.P Imballaggi located in Imola (BO), plant specialized in corrugated cardboard, fir and plywood industrial packaging.


Year of foundation of S.T.I.L, carpentry specialized in the production of fir and plywood packaging.


Technological and design reconversion of Scart Imballaggi, with focus in the production of heavy corrugated cardboard packaging.


Year of foundation of Scart Imballaggi specializing in the production of shoe boxes.

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