Pallet / Epal

Pallet / Epal

Our group designs and manufactures wooden pallets made of fir tree and its derivatives, to match to the corresponding cardboard boxes, plywood boxes with, folding crates or panel boxes. 

The pallets we produce help to speed up the movement of large quantities of goods from one place to another. 

It is equally useful in the storage of goods, where it allows for the best use of the available space. 

Thanks to the cooperation of the whole group, we can satisfy more particular or more quantitative orders, keeping an eye on the quality of the product. Our pallets comply with international regulations, and, depending on the requirements of our customers, the locking systems can be designed to provide better security for the packing. 

In addition to wooden pallets, our group is able to produce plywood pallets, an excellent support for light-medium weight. The low moisture absorption in full compliance with ISPM15 regulations - FAO – IPPC, is an important feature too. 

Moreover, thanks to partnerships with major domestic and international suppliers, our group is also able to offer to its customers to choose from the first choice EPAL, the second choice EPAL, or used EPAL and reconditioned EPAL. 

The EPAL is a type of interchangeable pallets of satisfactory quality, standardized, assembled according to the main European and national conventions in the field of packaging and its disposal. 

The distinguishing feature is its regeneration and reuse.

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