The tops folding wooden boxes - collars are made from wood dried and planed of 20 mm, complying with phytosanitary regulations. They can be shipped all over the world, they are equipped with galvanized steel hinges and fastened with rivets. 

Extensively tested and used all over the world, they have the important advantage of reuse. In fact, under normal conditions, the collar can serve for several years, considerably reducing your costs. 

Their main advantages are that they are foldable, durable, reliable, fully customizable and can include the application of internal sections such as hives, separators or dividers. The collars are suitable for superimposition, thus allowing you to reach the desired height. 

A special plywood cover can also be applied, which serves as coverage and guarantees the stability of the collar during the overlap (superimposition). 
Our team can also provide you with used collar boxes in good conditions.

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