Folding Cages: 

Cages made of fir wood treated according to the ISPM15 - FAO regulations, have the same functionality of folding boxes, but with a significant cost reduction. 

Mainly composed of a pallet with closed top, opened sides and covers, composed of strong board and a lid. 

The advantage you get from this type of packaging is the easy storage and space saving in transport, because, thanks to being mounted with rivets, the cage is completely collapsible on itself. 

Tests in stacking proved a very good resistance of the packing. 

Approved for shipment by land, sea and air, they have turned out to be a good alternative to folding boxes.

Cages with springs: 

gabbie molle

It is primarily a packaging solution made of wood, treated according to ISPM 15 - FAO regulations, approved for shipment by land, sea and air. Fully customizable on demand, it has the ability to adapt to any object to be packaged. 

The effectiveness of the assembly at the production line by your company’s workers will be increased to maximum levels, thanks to avoiding nailing and stapling, while the packing remains completely safe. 

Transportation costs are brought to a minimum, resulting in major savings. 

The system may include the use of internal moral, dedicated to lock the packed object in order to exponentially increase the packaging resistance during transportation. 

When stacking, our tests have shown the capacity of more than 2000 Kg.


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