Boxes made of plywood

Boxes made of plywood

Plywood - casing with springs 

The ScartGroup cases of plywood are designed and implemented to bring benefits to our end customers, especially during the assembly at the production lines. 

This type of case has multiple modes of use. Its characteristic fixing spring makes the packaging completely safe and facilitates the closing and subsequent opening by the end user, avoiding actions such as fixing nails and staples, improving the safety of the packaging itself and that of the operators. 

Unlike cardboard boxes, plywood box has bigger dimensions and is mainly used for large structures. 

Our achievements include the production of plywood boxes devoid of springs, thus using actions such as fixing nails or staples. 

The boxes are delivered disassembled, to facilitate an easy transport and storage. 

Thanks to our technical studies we are able to offer you the optimal design. 

Our cages are designed and manufactured in compliance with applicable governmental regulations, are suitable for shipment by land, sea and air, and comply with the phytosanitary agreements ISMP15 - FAO. 

Reusable plywood case

cassa riutilizzabile

The reusable plywood case is a product designed by our technical department specifically to respond to the specific needs of our customers. These types of projects let everyone know our ways of how to satisfy and adapt to the demands. We are able to propose alternative solutions to traditional packaging, improving the quality and tightness of the package and still bringing about the most economical solutions for our individual customers. 

The reusable plywood case is characterized by an interior ashlar black. This particular anti-static material provides for a protection of the packaged product, having considerable damping characteristics. 

To facilitate the closing and opening of this case, avoiding actions such as fixing nails and staples, we have developed a close called "clack" closure, which facilitates the opening and closing of the case itself, with the possibility to insert an anti-theft seal. 

ScartGroup packaging designs and implements studies to improve the cohesion between the operator and packaging, taking the safety aspect as a guideline.

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