Certainly, the highlight of our technical studies is the Master Box ®, a patented ScartGroup design. 

The experience gained over the years and continuous research to achieve the best balance between the technical needs and the costs of the packaging solution, is concretized in the MASTERBOX ®.

This type of packaging has been designed specifically for heavy packaging, and was designed as a natural substitute of folding boxes, resulting in impressive saving of packaging costs. 

The uses of this project are multiple, thanks also to the success of the tests, in which our results in the stacking exceeded the threshold of 2,500 kg. 

Obviously, as our basic principle is maintained: the Master Box is fully customizable according to the requirements of any particular customer. 

An evolution of Master Box ® is the Master Box ® removable. 

The Master Box ® removable involves the use of a mechanical joint made of the cardboard instead of the plywood, having a lower weight and greater efficiency. The frames of the case are entirely made of plywood, in line with the rules established by the FAO and ISMP 15, and above all, it is made of cartons of high quality, with high mechanical properties, made with moisture-proof glue, making it ideal for transport by sea. 

It is also light and suitable for air transport, and therefore this packaging solution is used for export all around the world. 

The packaging solution ensures a complete safety of the contents, absorbing shock and vibration during transportation. 

With this project we have brought a great evolution in the packaging industry, especially in the final customer's lines, where there will be no iron nails to work with. This package is designed and implemented in order to improve the safety of your operators. 

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