Gifco / FEFC Boxes 

The cardboard boxes are widely used in the packaging industry, and our group is one of the few specialists in this field in a total way. The boxes that we offer to our customers are proposed after a careful analysis of the product to be packaged, in order to combine maximum reliability with the lowest costs. We produce mainly heavy-cardboard boxes, double wave, triple wave, but we also deal with more light-weight cardboard boxes. The main benefits of this type of packaging is certainly the excellent performance that we can obtain, an excellent shock absorption that the board is able to hold, a space optimisation in the process of delivery, and the ease, with which the boxes can be recycled and disposed. 

SemiAmericana Box 0200. 

Applied mainly in the mechanical and electronic industry, it is primarily used coupled with a pallet. Being closed only from one side, it can also be used upside down, as a top cover for protection. 

American Box 0201. 

Applied in any industry, this type of box has a latch mating both above and below ground. Due to its characteristic, it can be utilised with layers partially or completely overlapping. 

Box 0501 

This type of box is mainly used with a pallet and a lid with its frame, because there is no higher or lower ground. Its biggest advantage is the final assembly by the customer, especially when it comes to large sizes, which is very simple. 

Packing collapsible 

This is a packing with significant specifications. Thanks to the quality of the board it ensures a high level of protection and resistance of the packed products. Completely Collapsible, easy to transport and store. The final assembly of the packing is very easy. 

Super Export Packing. 

This particular type of packing is able to offer high-performance mechanical stacking strength, is designed primarily for shipping and protection of heavy material. Our group designs and produces any type of types, from standardized Gifco / FEFC to those customized on request.

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