Springs and handles

Springs and handles


The springs are a very important accessory to complete the package. Thanks to their use, the ScartGroup has studied and implemented significant projects, appreciated by its customers, making use of such springs. The benefit they bring for the finished packaging is very important and mainly it is appreciated by the end operator. Just think that with this simple and inexpensive accessory you will eliminate all those procedures of nailing and stapling, still keeping the package completely safe, while dramatically decreasing the timing in its management. 

If you have concerns regarding the keeping of such springs, please note that our tests performed on certain types of packaging, have resulted in a resistance of more than 2000kg in the process of stacking.



As for the springs, even the handles appear to be the fruit of the great experience of our group. 
Designed and built for one purpose, to improve the timing of handling of the packaging by the end customer. The quality of the service we provide to our customers is directly apparent in these situations, because our group, in designing the packaging for any object, follows a specific schedule that includes all the steps necessary for you to be appreciated by anyone who comes in touch with it, from the transport to the final operator. 

The handles are mainly plastic, fixed or mobile, and white in colour.

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