Thanks to its chemical and physical properties, the polystyrene is the ideal material for designing packages with features like locking, stiffness, damping and thermal insulation. 

It's a transparent, hard and rigid material, with discrete mechanical properties and resistance to many liquid chemicals. 

It also appears to be an excellent electrical and thermal insulation. 

With the ability to be cut, our group is able to offer moulded polystyrene sections with the task of capturing and isolating the product inside the packing, as well as of protecting the product from any shock caused by external factors. 

Completely customizable, our group is able to offer the best solution to protect the packed object. Our particular specialization in the polystyrene field is the study of dividers, made to protect the items inside from both external shocks during transportation or storage, or from internal shocks caused by interactions between the various products, thus eliminating the danger of collision between them.

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