Anti Corrosion

Anti Corrosion

During transportation and handling, untreated metal materials can encounter the phenomenon of corrosion, caused by oxidation of certain air elements. The traditional materials such as paint or oil require more timing and are also not environment-friendly. 


The acronym VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) indicates a category of volatile active substances that evaporate from the support material and are condensed on the free surface of the metal in a molecular layer, thus forming an invisible layer of protection that protects the metal from corrosion, in a totally safe and reliable manner. With the VCI solution we offer a non-corrosive packaging, by simply equipping your packaging with VCI bags and films. Some of the most important benefits of VCI are: 
Corrosion protection for all types of metals, guaranteed protection for a minimum of 2 years, safe to use, recyclable and low environmental impact, does not involve any cleaning of the product after its use and does not damage any type of metal, because when the VCI bag or film is removed, the protective state evaporates. 

Coupled barrier and Desiccants 

sacco barriera

The coupled barrier is a three-layer film, the inner layer of which is made of high density polyethylene, the middle layer made of aluminium foil and the outer layer made of polyester film. 
This bag has the ability to protect the content object for many months, keeping away the outside moisture. To implement these features, the barrier bags are hermetically sealed, creating a vacuum that reduces the volume of air contained, in order to eliminate the moisture. The package includes also some desiccant bags of salt, with the task of absorbing moisture present in the air at the time of closing.

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