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The thermal packaging designed and manufactured by Scart upon the specific request of a customer was aimed at solving the problems arising from the temperature variations inside the packaging during the different transport stages of the packed product.

In addition to a remarkable reduction of the heat exchange, thus effectively protecting the packed product, our design also had to consider the “visual message” that this packaging should deliver to the end user.Through the application of 3 main different materials (cardboard - polyethylene -aluminium), Scart Group could produce an industrial packaging product compliant with the characteristics required by our customer.


Rain Boxes represent a new step in the Rain Boxes represent a new step in the field of corrugated cardboard packaging products which grant high protection from the weather.

This packaging project, which includes the coupling of a PET cover with the external Kraft paper of the corrugated cardboard,helps maintain the water tightness of the cardboard boxes required by extreme market needs.

Moreover, significant improvements have been achieved also in the perforation degree on the external cover, thus improving also the technical structure of the packaging itself.


Besides offering clear economic benefits with respect to the current costs of Besides offering clear economic benefits with respect to the current costs of the standard cases, Scart Group also aimed at the analysis and improvement of all the processes currently performed by the operators of our customers.

• Reduction of the monetary cost of the packaging

• Reduction of the assembly time for the operators of our customers

• Smaller size of the stored material ready to be assembled

• Greater safety for the operators during the packaging assembly

• Retention of the same technical/mechanical performance of the packaging

• Safer customs clearance system for the treated HT cases pursuant to the ISPM 15 FAO regulation.

Based on the requests of our customers, Scart Imballaggi has developed -in cooperation with its technical and commercial staff - multiple packaging solutions, designed and produced with the purpose of reaching the preset targets.

The main tests that have been carried out on an empty packaging included:

• Static seal

• Dynamic seal

• Oscillation test

• Bending test.

The performance of these tests and the relating analysis allowed us to develop this new type of packaging, which is regarded as a viable substitute for the current panelled plywood cases.This particular case model also improves the safety of the operators, since it is provided with a spring lock system which does not require any nail, staple or screw.


An example of design and constant An example of design and constant research in the field of industrial packagingis given by the studies performed by ScartGroup on collars.

Nowadays, these types of product canbe manufactured even with specific dimensions required by our customers(outside the standards.)

Besides the customization of the size, it is also possible to use different materials,from the fir wood to the aluminium.


Advertising is becoming increasingly Advertising is becoming increasingly popular for the launch of new products,therefore Scart Group is able to offer its customers high technological and qualitative standards of customizations for the industrial packaging.

These customizations allow our customers to disclose information on the product,and, in some cases, are designed and carried out with the purpose of optimising the same packaging, both in the structural field and in terms of saving and supply chain of the final customer.

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